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The Sustainability section includes information from the combined entity for 12 months (DSM and Firmenich are reported as of 1 January 2023). The sustainability data in this Report cover all entities that belong to the scope of the Consolidated financial statements. If this is not the case this is mentioned specifically. As this is the first year of reporting for dsm-firmenich, no comparative data is available for 2022. For more information, see Sustainability statements.

Organizational culture is the combination of several factors including purpose, values, behaviors and working norms. Culture has a key role to play in the success of any merger, helping to create a unifying platform to accelerate integration and achieve synergy value. For that reason, we created a new set of values and will create a new set of behaviors through the use of an employee survey, top leadership interviews, regional focus groups and external perspectives. Our values and behaviors approach ensures a systemic narrative, connecting purpose, brand, and values, and underpinned the launch of our new company.

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An employee Pulse Survey conducted in May 2023 showed that 77% of respondents were familiar with our values within a month. The Survey furthermore showed that 85% found our values inspiring, while 60% believed they were easy to put into practice. Finally, people viewed our value ‘shape the future’ as the most inspiring (87%).

From September through to the end of the year, the activation campaign continued via a ‘Culture Catalyst’ series of missions to extend engagement with the values across all regions and enable people to put them into practice.

Mieke Van de Capelle, Chief Human Resources Officer

I am deeply proud of our purpose, which is embodied in our values emphasizing innovation, integrity, accountability, and collaboration. They guide us in our endeavors to bring progress to life and create a sustainable and prosperous future together with our people, our customers, and our communities.

Mieke Van de Capelle Chief Human Resources Officer

Developing new behaviors

‘Shaping the Future’ became a reality for our employees in October, when they were invited to participate in a 72-hour ‘Behavior Jam’ session, designed to elicit input for a new set of behaviors and Employee Value Proposition. In total, 21% of the employee population registered, resulting in 6,668 contributions (comments) in seven languages. We aim to launch our new behaviors in 2024.

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