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The Business Reviews include information from the combined entity for 12 months, which includes Firmenich as of 1 January 2023 (pro forma, see Concepts and ratios). It also includes information that is presented in accordance with IFRS, which includes Firmenich from the merger date onwards – whenever this is used this is specifically indicated.


Animal Nutrition & Health delivered sales of €3,227 million and an Adjusted EBITDA of €128 million

Our sales from recently launched products (primarily in performance solutions and precision services) enjoyed double-digit growth despite macro-economic headwinds, inflation, and high feed production costs

In response to the macroeconomic environment in the vitamins industry, we embarked on a major restructuring program in its vitamin activities to reduce costs and restore profitability

Our feed enzymes HiPhorius® and ProAct 360™, continued strong growth and gained market entry in all regions, lowering feed costs and improving return on investment for customers

Grupo Almar, one of the world’s top five shrimp producers, entered into a partnership with us for sustainable shrimp farming, using our intelligent sustainability service, Sustell™

Veramaris® , our omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae, saw strong growth on replacement of natural fish oil, also a consequence of the anticipated decline in global fish yields

Our methane-reducing feed additive for ruminants, Bovaer®, is now available in 57 countries

About Animal Nutrition & Health

As the world’s population continues to grow, more and more land and resources are required to feed it. Our innovative offer in Animal Nutrition & Health (ANH) helps meet the rising demand for animal protein and support the sustainable transformation of food systems.

We combine our professional passion and smart science to deliver new approaches to animal health and nutrition that enable the sustainable production of high-quality animal protein while simultaneously reducing emissions and our reliance on natural resources.

With our portfolio of vitamins, performance solutions, and data-driven precision services, we serve the entire animal production value chain and are helping to shape the future of animal farming. Our digestive enzymes increase the efficiency of feed raw material utilization, improving performance while reducing feed costs and environmental impact; our eubiotics help improve animal gut health and contribute to the reduction of antimicrobial resistance; our mycotoxin deactivators help protect farm animals from the harmful toxins that grow on feed; and our methane-reducing feed additive for ruminants helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with cattle farming. We bring progress to life by helping to make animal protein more sustainable, nutritious, and affordable – for example, via our game-changing algae-based omega-3 oil, Veramaris®.

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