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The Business Reviews include information from the combined entity for 12 months, which includes Firmenich as of 1 January 2023 (pro forma, see Concepts and ratios). It also includes information that is presented in accordance with IFRS, which includes Firmenich from the merger date onwards – whenever this is used this is specifically indicated.


Health, Nutrition & Care delivered sales of €2,270 million and an Adjusted EBITDA of €389 million

We made a strong start to our synergy journey by combining our essential nutritional portfolio with a full range of desirable taste capabilities as well as our consumer healthcare business

We activated our synergy potential with customers by building a complete taste infrastructure and training program, backed by compelling new product concepts and prototypes

We significantly strengthened our biotics offerings with the launch of new innovative solutions, and the acquisition of French biotics leader Adare Biome

We achieved a number of strategic partnerships, industry approvals, and new product launches to help deliver ever more effective nutritional solutions, including expanding our life’s®OMEGA portfolio of algal-based omega-3

We responded to this year’s challenging market with targeted actions to improve profitability and competitiveness, while continuing strategic investment in future innovation and growing key business areas

About Health, Nutrition & Care

Health, Nutrition & Care (HNC) is dedicated to supporting the health of the world’s growing population through nutrition and care solutions. We deliver nutritional solutions that support well-being and proactive health at every stage of life and for every lifestyle. As an end-to-end solutions provider, we partner closely with our customers from product conception to launch, providing unique consumer insights, a broad portfolio of nutritional ingredients, innovative solutions, and expert taste capabilities.

HNC offers solutions for the early life nutrition, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, medical nutrition, and biomedical materials markets. We address specific consumer nutritional and wellness needs with our direct-to-consumer i-Health business. We also serve the nutrition improvement sector, providing affordable and accessible nutrition fortification solutions for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

We serve these industries with a portfolio of high-quality products covering vitamins, nutritional lipids, minerals, carotenoids, botanical nutraceuticals, digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics (including human milk oligosaccharides, HMOs), active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and a range of biomedical solutions. In 2023, following the acquistion of Adare Biome, we solidified our position in the rapidly growing segment of postbiotics, and began developing new products in a new partnership with botanicals pioneer Indena.

HNC provides a suite of customized solutions (premix, market-ready solutions, and personalized nutrition), as well as a range of expert services in regulatory affairs and formulation. This year, we added the full breadth of delivery systems and masking and flavor capabilities to transform our health and nutrition offerings with new consumer-preferred tastes and formats.

In 2023, we became the first and only nutrition player with a full suite of taste capabilities, including flavors, blockers and masking systems, encapsulation technologies, and delivery systems. We worked closely with teams from Taste, Texture & Health (TTH) to create a diverse portfolio of exciting synergy product concepts, reinforced by real prototypes to inspire brands in new product creation. These taste capabilities allow us to tackle the organoleptic challenges associated with many nutritional ingredients, such as B-vitamins, lipids, minerals, botanicals, and proteins, and to open the door to more innovation in the new consumer-preferred delivery formats.

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