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Reporting period

The Sustainability section includes information from the combined entity for 12 months (DSM and Firmenich are reported as of 1 January 2023). The sustainability data in this Report cover all entities that belong to the scope of the Consolidated financial statements. If this is not the case this is mentioned specifically. As this is the first year of reporting for dsm-firmenich, no comparative data is available for 2022. For more information, see Sustainability statements.

We believe that business can be a force for good. We advocate the positive role of business in society and the beneficial impact that companies can bring on Climate and Nature, Nutrition and Health, and People. Through measuring our impacts, we demonstrate how we contribute to positive outcomes for society and environment.

Product quality

People are critical to our success. This is why one of our four strategic areas of focus for 2023 involved enhancing and embedding a Quality culture within the business. This message was one of the key focal points when we proudly celebrated World Quality Day 2023, launching our new Quality Policy Statement, which introduces and defines our four Quality principles. These principles are Quality culture, Crafted with care, High standards and Continuous improvement. Our Quality Policy Statement highlights our commitment to empower our people to deliver excellence to our customers. Building on these principles, our Quality culture program will focus on the how of enabling our Quality community to achieve success. Quality is a key differentiator for business growth: it is every customer’s right, and every employee’s responsibility.

Product Stewardship

Our leading principle is that each of our products must be safe in terms of its production and application up to and including the end of its useful life. We make conscious choices about the substances we use and produce. We actively identify the risks attached to, and the potential impact of our products on people and the environment, including their production processes. We support our customers (and other interested stakeholders) in doing the same by providing them with clear information on potential health and environmental impacts.

In 2023, we reviewed the set-up of Product Stewardship within the context of the merger, identified the most critical processes, and started the alignment, standardization and integration of our approach. Product data and system integration are seen as key success factors.

Our company and the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were launched by the UN in 2016 to provide a roadmap toward a more environmentally and socially conscious and responsible world by 2030. Companies have a key role to play in achieving the SDGs, and the Goals have been adopted across society as a common language for articulating how we can contribute to this roadmap. Businesses can serve for a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive world. The SDGs support this by guiding our efforts to create positive change, from eradicating hunger to fostering climate action.

Through our business activities, we believe our company contributes to the following SDGs:

SGD contriubution (graphic)

And for our people and operations, we focus on the following SDGs:

SDG company (graphic)


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