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From fragrances to farming, meals to micronutrients, our four distinct yet complementary Business Units strive to address the latest consumer needs and wants in a sustainable way. We are uniquely positioned to help our customers realize their ambitions and address evolving consumer trends. We do this by creatively applying proven science and drawing on data-driven innovation capabilities as well as exceptional standards of operational excellence.

Person emptying a sack of rose petals (photo)

Perfumery & Beauty

Delighting the world with superior scents created from a palette of sustainable ingredients.

Building on the strength of Perfumery, Ingredients and Personal Care, we create superior scents and beauty solutions with proven benefits – always with the consumer in mind. Creating fragrances that smell amazing and make people feel even better using the largest palette of high-quality natural, synthetic, and biotech ingredients.

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Woman standing and eating on balcony (photo)

Taste, Texture & Health

Partnering with the food and beverage industry to overcome the trade-off between palate and planet.

We help our customers create food and beverage products that are delicious, nutritious, affordable, and sustainable. Providing enjoyment and nourishment for consumers, business success for customers, and seeking better health for people and our planet.

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Health, Nutrition & Care

Delivering critical nutrients for proactive health in every stage of life and for every sort of lifestyle.

We provide consumers with a way to proactively look after their health by providing critical nutrients for their diets at various stages of their lives. We drive medical innovation forward, helping to speed up recovery, and enhancing quality of life.

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Child running among chickens (photo)

Animal Nutrition & Health

Powering the production of sustainable animal protein, transforming global food systems for good.

We provide the means to deliver animal proteins efficiently and sustainably, and to support animal health. By harnessing the power of data and science, we help to make animal farming practices more sustainable, productive, and transparent.

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